Useful and practical tips for life

Many people think that if you find the answer to this question, then immediately happiness will come. It seems as if the genetic code is unraveled, then all will be healthy and will live for three hundred years. But it’s not all about our body and regarding happiness and other joys for the soul, then, in my opinion, no such luck which could be found and dived into – exists and cannot be.

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Alisher A

Здоровье человека и окружающий его мир - воздух, вода, почва,
растительный мир - невозможны без гармонии и единства. Здорова природа
вокруг нас - мы здоровы, нарушило человечество основной закон единства
человека и природы - и рикашетом получило сотни болезней и, прежде всего,
психоматической природы.


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